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    Курсы головного офиса
    • USD/BYN 2.4700 | 2.5100
    • EUR/BYN 2.8900 | 2.9500
    • 100RUB/BYN 3.3000 | 3.4000
    • ( Все курсы )

Mission of Bank


We do our best to make the Bank understandable, reliable and socially responsible, offeringour clients simple and convenient solutions in accordance with their needs.

We organize corporate governance in such a way that shareholders, customers and clients have no doubts about the honesty and professionalism of the Bank.

Using the knowledge and experience of our employees, customer base and resources of the Bank, we aspire to provide the financial well-being of society as a whole.

Professonalism. We make difficult things simple, offering our clients progressive and relevant solutions, in accordance with the demands of the clients. We highly appreciate the individual skills and knowledge of each employee. Our employees have always been and remain the best assistants to the clients in their financial affairs.

Initiative and development. Our task is not to stay in one place, but to improve constantly our work and inspire others for developing.

Openness. Our clients can trust us. We are transparent, clear, opened for constructive cooperation and we welcome innovations.

Team working. The Bank's team shares common values and objectives, which allows us to improve standards of services provision. The highest value of the Bank’s team is to provide its customers with the best service so that our services, thanks to modern technology, are freely available anywhere and anytime.

Reliability. We constantly monitor internal and external economic risks, guaranteeing reliability for our customers.

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