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Mission of Bank


GBD-bank is a modern Belarusian bank.
Our clients are enterprising people.
We want to become the best bank for them, to be their inspirer and partner. To do this, we strive to quickly respond to their needs and bring global experience to the traditional banking system.
This is how we create a better future for our country.

Our values

We are a reactive bank for those who strive forward.

Our target clients are enterprising, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed people seeking a bank that fits their ambitions.

We accelerate and drive business.

We are always on the move.

We are modern, dynamic and extraordinary.

Our future (vision)

GBD-bank is a bank that Belarusian entrepreneurs put their trust in. A modern Bank of “rapid response”, new technologies, bold and non-trivial solutions.

Working at GBD-bank is profitable, interesting and prestigious.

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